Volume Levels of Everyday Sounds

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Loud noises can cause permanent hearing loss. Listening to loud music should be avoided. You can protect your ears by using ear-buds. iOS offers to set a custom volume limit to protect my hearing.

Whispser30-39 dB
Library40-49 dB
Moderate Rainfall50-59 dB
Conversation60-69 dB
Vacuum Cleaner70-79 dB127 hours / 7 days
Noisy Restaurant89-89 dB40 hours / 7 days
Motorcycle90-99 dB4 hours / 7 days
Ambulance Siren100-109 dB24 minutes / 7 days
Concert110-119 dB4 minutes / 7 days
Thunder Clap120-130 dB1 minute / 7 days