Hallo, this is Lucas Fischer. Because I love to work on projects of any kind in my spare time, lucas.love should be a place to share all the things I work on besides my professional life. Furthermore, I would like to use this page to thank all the people who helped me with the projects and to spread some love.

Major Projects

winter 2019 Futureland
winter 2018 Where is Lucas?
fall 2018 Vagabundo
spring 2018 Macrowave
summer 2017 Mr. Knipser
summer 2016 Grundschulfußball
winter 2015 - ∞ Trier's Finest

Minor Projects

April 2019 lucas.love
April 2019 Halt and Catch Fire
March 2019 Travel Blog
January 2019 Latency of Celestial Bodies


2020-10-09 What Am I Doing with My Phone? english
2020-08-21 Wir sind, was wir wiederholt tun
2020-08-13 Agape
2020-07-23 Acedia
2020-07-10 Mein System
2020-06-20 Corona-Warn-App
2020-05-31 HTTP Live Streaming english
2020-05-13 50 Tage meditieren
2020-05-09 How to Use Sentry with Nuxt.JS english
2020-05-05 How to Get Open Graph Data english
2020-05-03 Sharing Code in a Node Monorepo with Docker english
2020-04-18 Der Rückflug
2020-04-09 Beschäftigung in der Quarantäne
2020-03-15 Der längste Tag
2020-02-15 Das Experiment: Rückblick
2020-01-16 Experiment 32: Tag 1
2020-01-15 Am Flughafen
2020-01-14 Das Experiment
2020-01-03 Poolsprungangst
2020-01-02 50 Tage Futureland
2019-12-31 2019
2019-12-24 Optimistischer Nihilismus
2019-12-12 Stale While Revalidate english
2019-12-03 Wiederkehrende Kreativität
2019-11-24 Flugmodus
2019-11-11 Mein Blog